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About Kelly

Hey, I am Kelly Shivani Rose, a healer and soul guide based in Frome UK. I am devoted to the practice of unconditional love of self. I am in awe of the healing, the release and the transformation this practice has bought myself and others.

I fully embraced this practice four years ago when I found myself in despair, following years of depression and anxiety. I had a choice to make at this point, and I chose to face into the pain and the darkness that I had spent many years pushing away. This choice took me to the Heart Temple of Glastonbury, where I was guided to begin reconnecting with all parts of myself with an unwavering devotion to embracing and loving all that was within me; I then discovered the Heart Temple within. I made a commitment to myself, and what unfolded so beautifully over the years (albeit with lots of pain and challenges), was the liberation of my soul and a release from the binds of my past that were limiting me in this life. It was a return to myself as a divine being of Love. I look forward to welcoming you

Kelly Shivani Rose, Based in Frome

I am still journeying with myself; I have lifetimes of experiences to integrate. But when I look behind me and see the path I have travelled, I can see that I live now with more gratitude than resentment, more faith than fear, more power than powerlessness, more joy than grief, more embrace than shame. I live with a greater conscious awareness of my challenges and I can therefore meet them with compassion instead of judgement. 

And now, my wish is to share this practice of unconditional love with others as my joyful service to humanity. I love LOVE. I love the expansion that I witness in others when they embrace and accept themselves for the gift that they are, when they live unapologetically from their joy and their passion. Life can be a celebration when we live this way. 

If this feels aligned to where you are on your journey then please get in touch.

Kelly Shivani Rose, Based in Frome


Bsc/BA Degree Psychology/Sociology – June 2006

Reiki Level One & Two – 2010

Path to the One Heart – August 2021

Harmonisers Level One and Two – March 2022 

Meditation Facilitator Training – August 2022

Trauma and the Embodied Brain (credits added to degree) – September 2022

Cuddle Therapy Diploma – December 2022

Whilst I have embarked on varied training over the years, much of my work is intuitive and based upon the soul initiations that I have personally lived through. It is based upon the enriching, enlightening, expansive experiences I’ve had during grief ceremonies, sister circles, drumming and sounding circles, medicine dances, kundalini yoga practice, mystery school activations and tantra events. It is based upon the many interactions and connections that I’ve had with the array of beautiful souls I have encountered in my life, both professionally and personally. I’ve had many teachers in many forms and I am thankful for them all.

Much of the wisdom and guidance that I have received to inform my work has been through journeying with mother earth, father sky, tree spirits, enlightened souls , my personal spirit guides and my own awakening heart. I have deeply explored the inner realms and the outer realms from a place of open-heartedness and non-judgement, and it’s for this reason I feel I have a deep understanding of the human condition. This means I am relatable far beyond any amount of knowledge, it means I have insights into the challenges we can face as humans, and it means I can create and hold a safe space where all aspects of self are welcome. 

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